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Nutrition for Viera

Eat Better and Feel Better!

Nutrion Counselor for Viera

If you’re interested in seeking our nutritional counseling in Viera and Melbourne along with chiropractic, we’ll email you all the necessary paperwork before your visit or you can download it from our website. You’ll receive:

  • A seven-day food journal
  • A system survey of yes or no questions
  • Our general intake form
  • A Fee Schedule

Your Nutrition Consultation

When you arrive for your visit, we’ll do a thorough, in-depth consultation. We’ll discuss your past and present symptoms. You’ll have a body composition analysis and we’ll check the status of your adrenal glands. These procedures enable us to construct a program based on a functional medicine approach. We’ll start with the system in your body that needs to be addressed first.

Seeking the Cause

Your body can produce everything you need at the right time, in the right dosage. Nutrition will augment these natural abilities. We’re not treating your symptoms, but instead will address the cause of your problems. You’ll also receive lifestyle advice regarding diet and exercise, tailored to you.

We want to help you add life to your years. Call to schedule your appointment. (321) 610-1696

Bond Chiropractic Provides Nutrition Consultations
for Viera and Melbourne Families!
(321) 610-1696