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Anti-Aging is a Farce

It’s True

One year from now you will be one year older. That my friends is aging or better known as chronological aging. So you see, anti-aging is a farce.

You Can’t Stop Aging – But You Can Slow Down Degeneration

Funny thing about Americans, we are living longer but “we are living longer in ill health then ever before.” By eating right, moving right, and thinking right; you can slow down the degenerative process. In fact, since your glands, organs, and tissues are always breaking down and building up again you have the potential to add life to your years.

How Can I Slow Down Degeneration?women flags

Provide your organs, glands, and tissues all the nutrients they need so they can function optimally.  Your body is the best drug company out there. Your body has the potential to produce everything you need at the right time time and right dosage. For example;  your body has the potential to produce sex hormones, happy hormones, sad hormones, energy hormones, antibodies and anti-viral compounds. The caveat, each organ, gland and tissue needs specific nutrients do this. Your body will not be able to produce what you need if you don’t eat the required nutrients which goes beyond just vitamins and minerals. For example; in addition to vitamins and minerals, kale and Brussels sprouts contain a group of plant compound called glucosinolates. There are 120 different glucosinolates alone in kale and Brussels sprouts. As we always say here at Bond Chiropractic;

                    “Just because you don’t eat it does not mean your body doesn’t need it.”

Targeted Nutrition Therapy

Is  it your liver, thyroid, ovaries, testicles, brain, kidneys or stomach that needs targeted nutritional therapy? That is where your “Functional Wellness” practitioner can help. Just as you are unique so should be your nutritional and chiropractic care.

You Can Tell The Difference

The difference between your typical chiropractor and one who practices “Functional Wellness” is that when you visit a “Functional Wellness”  practitioner, you can expect to spend a lot more time with them than you would with a conventional provider and have access to targeted nutritional support not available in the retail setting. A  big part of “Functional Wellness” is exploring your detailed personal and family history, the circumstances around your first symptoms, and the experiences you may have had with other health care providers. In addition to a physical examination there may be specific blood work ordered.

Adding years to your life is easy, however, at Bond Chiropractic we are here to add life to your years.




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