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Are You Getting Enough Omega-3s?

Omega-3s “essential” fats for good health.

Fish Oil Beauty and Health

Fish oil contains skin and brain friendly nutrients.

Omega-3s are prevalent in the body, making up a significant percentage of some of our most vital organs. They influence every cell. Essential fats are important for healthy cell structure and repair, gene expression, along with cell signaling and responses. Essential fatty acids presence (or absence) impacts multiple aspects of physical and emotional health. Unfortunately, the typical Western diet is severely deficient in these essential fats such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

How much do you need?

In a 2009 analysis of data on 12 health risk factors from US national health surveys, low intake of omega-3s was identified as the sixth leading preventable risk to mortality—ranking higher than low consumption of fruits and vegetables, alcohol use, and physical inactivity. Currently there are no established dietary intake recommendations for EPA or DHA despite their known health benefits. There are, however, some generally recognized dietary and supplemental recommendations for EPA and DHA intake, such as for general health maintenance, pregnancy/nursing, and certain cardiovascular conditions. Your specific health issues help determine the right omega-3 combination and dosage that would be appropriate for you.

How important are omega-3 fatty acids.

Here is just one example; 60% of an adult brain is fat and up to 1/3 of that fat is DHA. DHA occurs naturally in oily fish such as mackerel, halibut, salmon, anchovies, tuna and sardines. Unless you are eating enough fish every week and preparing it properly your brain will be malnourished. Remember this…

                  Just Because You Don’t Eat It,  Doesn’t Mean Your Body Doesn’t Need It.

Get trustworthy omega-3 support.

Due to potential contamination and rancidity concerns, it’s also important to select an omega-3 supplement made from purity-tested marine oils that are manufactured to exacting standards. Not all fish oils are equal. Due diligence is exceedingly important when choosing a fish oil.

If you have considered taking a fish oil but are confused about how to start, stop in or give us a call at  Bond Chiropractic.

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