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Chiropractor Viera, Dr. Brandon Bond

Meet Dr. Brandon Bond

Growing Up in a Healthy Household

Dr. Bond knew he wanted to work in the medical field from a young age. He’s a third-generation chiropractor and has been under chiropractic care for his entire life. Growing up, Dr. Bond saw his parents live a healthy lifestyle. They practiced eating right, moving right and thinking right. Those principles stuck with him and he works to apply them in his practice.

Dr. Bond saw people getting sick sooner and aging earlier. He realized what we’re doing now isn’t working, and that chiropractic offered another solution. By combining chiropractic with nutrition, Dr. Bond helps people to achieve the health they’re searching for in a different way than the traditional medical model.

Sharing the Power of Chiropractic

Dr. Bond first completed his undergraduate degree in biology from Ohio State University. He then attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Florida to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic. While there, he learned how effective and powerful the chiropractic adjustment truly is.

Dr. Bond has learned to look beyond a patient’s presenting symptoms and find the underlying cause. He enjoys sharing his knowledge about the lifelong journey to health with others. ‘’Health is a choice, not a chance.”

Supporting Your Journey

Dr. Bond believes that everyone can achieve the health goals they desire in order to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Dr. Bond conveys to the patient that the path to health isn’t one big step, but rather many small steps accompanied by choices. Our entire team at Bond Chiropractic and Natural Health is here to help guide and educate you to make the correct choices, cheering you on through the process.

A Community Connection

When Dr. Bond isn’t in the office, you’ll find him out in the community working with business groups and the Chamber of Commerce. You’ll see him at local events as well as out supporting other businesses in our area. Dr. Bond walks the talk that his patients receive at his office by getting adjusted regularly, eating right and exercising.

Are you ready to start making the changes that will lead you to a richer, more fulfilling life? We’re here to support you. Call today.

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