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Frequently Asked Questions

You may naturally have questions about chiropractic care and our office. Below are some that we’ve found are most frequently asked.

Will I Be Adjusted on the First Visit?

You may receive an adjustment on your first visit, depending on the complexity of your condition.

Do I Have to Continue Going?

Every person is handled uniquely. Your care with us will be tailored to your specific needs.

How Much Will It Cost?

The consultation and examination is $75. Each adjustment after that is $45. The prices on our supplements can vary depending on what you need. We also accept personal injury or car accident cases.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic can add life to your years and years to your life.

Can Someone Who Has Had Back Surgery See a Chiropractor?

Yes, we are absolutely able to help people who have previously had back surgery.

Are there any more questions you may have that we can address? Call today and we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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