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Nutrtion DispensaryNutrition in Viera

Eat Better and Feel Better!

Does your body lack the resources and raw materials it needs to heal and function at its best?

Or maybe you want to reduce or eliminate your dependence on one or more medications.

Would shedding some weight give you more energy?

That’s why we’ve added functional medicine to our practice. It works hand in glove with today’s chiropractic care.

Detailed Health Questionnaire

It all starts with an extensive health history and evaluation. We’ll email you the essential paperwork before your visit. Or you can download it here. By simply reviewing our intake form you’ll become more mindful of your habits.

You’ll feel a sense of hope and optimism. “I can do this!”

We’ll send you:

  • A seven-day food journal
  • A system survey of yes or no questions
  • Our general intake form
  • A fee schedule

Your Nutrition Consultation

You’ve probably never had such a thorough, in-depth consultation. We’ll discuss your past and present symptoms. You’ll have a body composition analysis. We’ll check the status of your adrenal glands.

These and other procedures equip Dr. Bond to construct a one-of-a-kind program based on current functional medicine protocols.

Seeking the Cause

Your body is designed to produce everything you need at the right time, in the right dosage. Proper nutritional support will augment these natural abilities.

We won’t be treating your symptoms, but instead address its causes. The lifestyle advice will produce new habits. You’ll acquire new tastes. You’ll have a new respect for your body and what it can do.

Our monthly workshops make sure you feel supported. Even more comforting—you’ll have a coach cheering you on every step of the way.

Get started today!

Nutrition Viera | (321) 610-1696